A Step Down From Final Fantasy

First off, I’m going to say that I’m a Hardcore gamer from Nintendo to PC games and this game that I’m here to tell you about is a game that I have been playing for about 5 years. The game is called Materia Magica, it’s a online RPG, it’s just like Final Fantasy, with some draw-backs; but still a very good game. Now I’ve never played the latest Final Fantasy, hell or any other ones at that, (expect Final Fantasy Tactics, Damn good game there) but I do have A LOT of friend that play all the time, so much it’s to a point that they don’t turn off their PlayStation, so I know the general Ideal of it. Now don’t get me wrong it’s not like I don’t like FF, (Final Fantasy) there are a lot of things that FF has that MM (Materia Magica) doesn’t. Like a visual, yes MM plays like a book, you have to read everything you do, but if you’re into RPG you won’t let that stop you. There are a lot of official websites that will help you to understand and have an overview about RPG. These websites will also allow you to actually try some features of the game.

When I stop and think about it, to be totally honest…that’s the ONLY thing that FF has on MM, matter of fact you have to pay every flipping month to play FF! Not with MM you can play to your hearts content and you won’t get charge a red cent. MM also has more races that you can choose from and classes, plus you get more gold per kill and much higher levels. I think FF levels goes up to level 60, and then it’s like your playing and paying just to run around and do other things that doesn’t follow the damn story line. With MM your levels goes up to 241 and from there you can get on and start your own clan, become a Immortal (that means become a guide) or just get on and murder other players. Yep you bet ya, in FF you have to wait until that fighting arena comes up, on MM for you to get murder all you want, all you need is to find someone in the wrong place at the right time and it’s all over for them, (or for you, if I find you l.o.l) and yeah you can openly challenge someone, and fight them one on one.

There’s 3 ways to enter a player VS player combat, 1.) Lawful Player Killing zone, which (if you lose) you will come back to life right after you die, basically just for fun. 2.) Neutral Player Killing zone, which (if you lose) you get sent to hell for a few minutes, the winner of the match gets his\her reputation lower which mean everyone will know “hell that person has murder a few people, maybe I shouldn’t mess with them”. 3.) Chaotic Player Killing zone, (somewhere you don’t want to be) if you lose in this area you really lose. When your killed in this area you lose all the gold that you have in you pocket and all your equipment that you have on as well as everything you had in your inventory and you get sent to hell plus (yes theirs more) the player that kill you get his/hers reputation drop (fun to kill other people but not fun to get killed).

Another good thing about MM is that it’s like a huge chat room, hell I get on a lot to just talk it up with my friends…hah I’m online right now. In MM you don’t have to switch off from PS2 controller back to keyboard, its all just a key stroke away; I myself watch my friend die countless times on FF, because they were trying to find the balance between to controller and the keyboard.

All in all if you are a FF user I’m not trying to tear you away from it, if anything I’m trying to save you some money. So if you do want to try something new or you just want to break away from the big time Fantasy MM is the RPG for you, you can get to the site by searching the name Materia Magica, and if you do try it out look me up, Eible’s the name.

I’m Boxer telling you wake up from your Fantasy that’s costing you ever so much, and go learn some Magica.


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