Are telephone directories still in use?


As before the development of the Internet, if any person wants to obtain any information about any person’s phone number or address, he/she uses the telephone directory to get the particular information. Telephone directories are mainly divided into two types based on the color of a paper. One can try getting the information via, which is a good source of the required information.

  • White pages in a telephone directory are used to provide information about the phone numbers related to the businesses and residents mentioned in an alphabetic order.
  • Yellow pages are also known as a directory for business as they offer information related to various businesses, service providers and sellers in a particular area.

Advantages of White Pages

  • Not every person will use the telephone directory, but when they do, they will use it for a longer time. These directories will help the customers in getting various information about the international brands available in the country
  • One of the most significant advantages of the telephone directory is that the ads published in it are highly targeted. This may help any organization to increase its sales
  • Small and medium-sized businesses also publish their advertisements in these directories. Due to which they can compete more effectively against larger, more well-known companies.
  • These directories are quite easy to use. You need to open the book and browse various advertisements for your category.


With the innovation of new technologies, the use of directories has been gradually decreasing. However, people in rural areas still use directories to find information about various businesses and to find information about a particular number. As people in rural areas are a bit unaware of new technologies and they believe that using these directories will provide them with lots of useful information.


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