Ten Christmas Gifts for Xbox 360 Owners

A Game Or Not A Game? The most obvious choice of Christmas present for the Xbox 360 owner would be a game. However, the list of games is long and every gamer has different preferences, so make sure you do your research on their favorite genres. Then, to further narrow down the list, make sure to check out the top 360 games of 2008. They may already own a number of these games, but it’s a safe bet that they don’t own them all!

All That Glitters Is Gold. A subscription to X-Box Live Gold is useful to any Xbox 360 gamer interested in online multiplayer – that is to say, the majority of them. Many games have a multiplayer feature that can’t be accessed without a Gold subscription, so some gamers miss out. Not all 360 owners will necessarily appreciate the gift of Gold, however, so make sure it’s something they’ll use! A subscription to Gold can be purchased on the Xbox 360 console if it’s accessible to you, Amazon.com, or at a preferred game retailer like Gamestop.com. A three month subscription runs about $20-30.

Talk the Walk. Maybe the 360 owner you’re buying for already has a longterm Gold subscription. The next best thing may be the gift of a wireless headset that will allow them to exchange trash talk and praise with other players without the annoying cord getting in the way of good gaming. If this is a gift for a younger child, you may want to consider another option, as sometimes the talk can get R-rated or worse. Wireless headsets can also be found at Gamestop.com and other game stores. At the high end, these can cost you $50, so consider something else if you want more bang for your buck.

Four Is Better Than One. Not all multiplayer games need to be played online. Plenty of 360 games offer same-console multiplayer or cooperative campaigns. Not every game has a full set of four controllers, however, to take advantage of these features. Buying an extra controller or two for them will help them get more play out of their games. A standard extra controller will probably cost anywhere from $20 to $50, depending on whether you buy it new or used.

Power Gaming – Literally. A gamer using their console two or three hours a day can show you an impressive pile of dead batteries once used to power their controllers. Help them avoid this problem by providing them with a quick charge kit. With rechargeable batteries, they can keep up their gaming vigil as long as necessary. The quick charge kit is another accessory available at any electronics retailer or game store.

Arcade Games At Home. If the gamer you’re shopping for would prefer something a little more nostalgic, give them the enjoyment of the arcade in their own living room. Buy them a Microsoft points card that they can spend in the Xbox Live Marketplace or buy them one of these popular arcade games released in 2008. This is a great opportunity to give them a more innovative and less obvious game to enjoy in their after-Christmas gaming spree. These are usually purchased directly from the arcade, but if you buy a points card on Amazon, they get to pick their own. An arcade game will usually cost you around $10.

Movie Watching Made Easy. If you’ve tried to watch a movie on the Xbox 360, you’ll understand why a universal media remote makes this list of top ten gifts for Xbox 360 owners. Having one remote for the tv and the 360 will streamline entertainment. As a bonus, when you watch movies at their house, you don’t have to fumble with that clunky controller anymore. Universal media remotes are easy to come by at Best Buy or Circult City, usually at a price around $20 to $30.

Skin It. I know a lot of 360 gamers and I know one thing that most of them don’t have but would like to have: console and controller skins, I bought from poker qq online at a considerable price with some extra¬† discount specially offered on that day and the minimum was of 50% off. It’s just one of those attractive items that you never quite get around to adding into your gaming budget. So if you can identify a console skin that suits their personality and interests, you’ve probably hit on a gift they’ll love – one they wouldn’t be likely to buy for themselves. A fun skin can be found at DecalGirl.com for twenty-five shiny new dollars, if you’re buying the whole set.

Can’t Go Wrong With Gift Cards. Lots of stores, online and offline, provide gaming gear, accessories, games, and more. If you just can’t pick something, give them a gift card to a store with lots of options and let them run free with it. You’d do well to price this anywhere between $25 and $50 for optimal use.


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