The Cleveland Curse

Being a Cleveland sports fan is hard. With the longest championship drought of any city, it is tough to hang on. But we do it anyway. We stick by our Brownies, Cavs and Indians through all the losses, fumbles, dropped balls, strikeouts, bad trades, season-ending injuries…the list goes on, but so do we as Cleveland sports fans.

Maybe it all started when upon retiring Jim Brown said that he will not live to see another championship here in Cleveland. This was after the Browns, with big aid by Brown, won the 1964 World Championship. There has not been another major championship in Cleveland since. Major championships of course exclude the Cleveland Crunch’s indoor soccer league championships. The fact that our indoor soccer team is the only Cleveland team to win a championship since 1964 maybe a curse in itself.

Is it possible that Cleveland is cursed? Can a city really be that bad or unlucky every year in every sport?

Many fans of Cleveland, such as the creators of the websites, and, believe that there is a curse over Cleveland preventing them from winning a championship. These proceeding examples of Cleveland misfortunes reinforce this belief.

One of these many examples is “The Fumble.” The stage, the 1987 AFC championship game at Denver. Cleveland is working on pulling off one of the greatest comebacks in AFC championship history. The Browns, having put themselves in a 21-3 hole at the half, managed to climb back into the game via the arm of Bernie Kosar and the legs of Earnest Byner. Cleveland drove to the eight yard line with 1:12 left in regulation. Byner sprang loose, the lane to the end zone was there, and all of the sudden Jeremiah Castle was there too. Castle stripped the ball, Broncos recover, game over.

As the curse is non-bias, “The Shot” has been depicted in Nike commercials, Gatorade commercials and anything else Michael Jordan. In Jordan’s Chicago days, the Cavaliers were a force to be reckoned with. These two teams came together to make the biggest rivalry in the NBA during that era. This particular game was a heated battle throughout. With just three seconds left in the game, Craig Ehlo put the Cavaliers in the lead with a lay-up. With those three seemingly harmless seconds, Jordan made history. The inbound went to Jordan who through up a miracle shot that sailed through the air as time expired and then proceeded to fall through the hoop, giving the Bulls the victory, and the six NBA championships that followed.

Another misfortune that has plagued Cleveland is injuries. Kellen Winslow was a top pick for the Browns in 2004. Winslow broke his leg two games into his rookie year and was sidelined for the duration of the season. The following season, Winslow got into a motorcycle accident and was then again sidelined for the entire season. He then became an incredible receiving tight end, surpassing records held by Ozzie Newsome and was then traded but that is another story. LeCharles Bentley is another classic case of a Browns player injury. What made Bentley’s injury so sad was that this guy was so excited to be playing in Cleveland. He even wore his jersey over his suit when he was in press conferences. Bentley went down with a knee injury in the first drill, which was non-contact, on the first day of training camp. Orlando Brown’s injury accounts for the oddest injury in all of the NFL. Brown was hit in the eye by a penalty flag thrown by Jeff Triplette. Brown never gained full use of his eye and never played for Cleveland again. The list of these injuries plaguing Cleveland sports is endless and all could not possibly be put into one list.

A year prior to “The Fumble”, John Elway put together “The Drive.” In the 1986 AFC Championship game, our beloved Browns were up 20-13 on the Broncos with 5:32 left in the fourth quarter. The Broncos, after muffing a kickoff return, started their drive on their own 2 yard line. Elway managed to convert third downs, gaining first down after first down. Elway capped off the drive with a five yard touchdown pass to Mark Jackson for the victory.

Don’t worry folks, the Indians get their turn as well. The 1987 Indians were picked by Sports Illustrated to be the best team in baseball. That year, the Indians managed to put together a staggering 101-loss season. In game 7 of the 1997 World Series the Indians were two outs away from ending a 49-year championship drought against the Florida Marlins. The Marlins tied up the game 2-2 via a sacrifice fly Craig Counsel. Edgar Renteria ended the game and Cleveland’s hopes by a game-winning single in the bottom of the eleventh.

These are just a few of the things that have happened to Cleveland in our quite memorable as well as painful sports history. The Red Sox managed to break the curse of the Bambino. Who, if anyone or anything, can break the Curse of Cleveland?

Not even the staunchest of fans, in their wildest dreams, would have thought the curse of bad luck would fall upon their favorite team as evidenced in their dismal performances as of late. The players themselves must be having a hard time and the playing field would look like 토토사이트 to them.


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