Tips On Creating Fascinating Myspace

Yes, creating a private Rust server with the help of is great. But social media is taking the world by storm today.

The social networking phenomenon known simply as Myspace has an estimated 55 million subscribers and is one of the most popular social websites since the internet’s conception. It has become a daily meeting place for hundreds of thousands of 15-35-year-olds, giving its users a platform for social networking, a place to connect with others of the same interests, track down that girl you had a crush on in High School, look up your favorite artists or brag to your friends about your excessive number of page views. Like any other Social and technological phenomenon, many others have turned myspace into a profit. Sites which cater to the excessive “pimping out” of the boring old default template into a personal expression of individuality are proliferating at an exponential rate. Why are there so many of these sites? Because the services and basic codes they offer are so simple that even a person with an elementary knowledge of networking and html can make them! In this article I will show you how you can make your own myspace, on your own and without going to all those “bling” sites. I broke it down into a few important categories.


Instead of clicking obsessively from band to band to find the perfect song for your page, you can upload your own mp3’s from your computer into a player with almost no effort.

Here’s how: Go to a file hosting site that allows large files like and create an account.

Upload some mp3’s to the site and then go to a site like and use the mp3 generator.

Copy and paste your file lodge URL’s (the address your mp3 is hosted at) into the gazzump URL boxes, choose a title for the song and click “generate the code” at the bottom of the screen.

There you have your mp3 player that you can start, stop, rewind, fast forward and all other mp3 functions with no internet browser compatibility issues.


Have a great picture you want as a background but no sites offer that same pic as a background? Never fear you can do it yourself!

Here’s how: Use a picture editing program (Photoshop is best) and resize the pic to 1022 pixels wide and 818 pixels high.

Go to an and host the image. Remember not to resize it again! Then copy the code that says “direct link to image”.

Go to a good profile editing site like and use the editor. In the box where it says “background url”, paste the URL and choose image back ground position: Background center. Background Repeat: yes and Move with scroll:yes.

Tweak the other aspects of the editor like font and link color to your liking.

When you’re done press generate and there you have your code.

Online Now Icon:

Are you sick of all the lame “online now” icons that the bling websites offer? You can make your own! Its easier then you think. Open a picture you want to appear as your online now symbol and resize it to 80 pixels wide by 20 pixels high. If you want to resize a moving (gif) picture use Ulead gif animator.

Go to again and host the picture. Copy and paste the direct link to image into where it says LINK TO IMAGE in the code below. This code will block the old online now icon and replace it with your much cooler personalized picture.

These are merely a few codes that will make your space stand out amongst the herds of teeny bopper conformists that have other do the work for them. Once you start doing the whole html/css thing and recognizing the codes people will pay you to do their sites, I know it happened this way to me. Below are some great codes and sites that maximize the scripting and minimize the blinging. Good luck.


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