Top Features To Look For In A Reliable Virtual Data Room

A virtual data room is used by businesses and companies to store sensitive corporate data. It is also commonly referred to as a VDR. It is a type of electronic repository of documents and facilitates speedy document exchange. VDRs enable owners to control who can have access to their data. There are certain crucial features one must look for in a virtual data room.

  1. It should enable uploading documents from email accounts

A VDR provider should provide its clients the facility to upload documents to the virtual data room directly from their emails. This way, clients can work even on-the-go. It saves time and makes the process of uploading documents hassle-free.

  1. It should support bulk upload

It is no surprise that an enterprise needs hundreds of documents with important information. An owner might need to upload a bunch of documents of varying sizes at a go. So, it is important that your VDR should support the feature of uploading several documents at once without any interruptions.

  1. It should enable to see/ manage permissions

The main user should be able to see the view and/or edit permissions that are granted to different groups of users in the VDR. Additionally he should be able to edit it. Easy access to group permissions takes a lot of stress away from the owner.

  1. It should facilitate use of watermarks

Watermarking your documents on VDR is a security feature you must certainly look out for. It insures your precious documents against any leakage and might even lead to the one accountable for the loss.

  1. It should provide peer-to-peer Q&A feature

When a VDR has an interactive platform, it makes execution of decisions and jobs much easier and trustworthy. Ensure that your VDR provider gives you the Q&A feature in your virtual data room.


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