Video Games Are a Social Experience?

Ever since I was a kid, I have always been fascinated with video games. I owned everything: Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, Xbox, etc, etc, etc.

As a young one, my friends and I would always coordinate the games we buy, so as we play through them we are able to compare how far we got, what items we found, and what boss we killed. We played however by ourselves and would talk to eachother at school about our progress.

Suddenly, the gaming industry introduced two-player games. I thought that this was the greatest thing ever! I can actually play in the same game as my friend, at the same time! We no longer had to wait until the next school day to talk about where we were in the game, because my friend would be playing the game right next to me!

As time went by, I never wanted to play a video game alone. Why enjoy a game by yourself when you can enjoy it with a friend? Soon enough, the gaming industry has awed me once again. They came out with Four player video games! No way!! Now as I was very excited by this, it did pose a problem. Firstly they made specific games for the 4 player experience, which were “fun” but weren’t “good”. They lacked any depth or substance to it.

Video games are something that one tends to get hooked up with right from childhood and I was no exception in this regard and took to it like ducks to water. This was the time when not many people could afford a playstation or xbox 360 and games like super Mario, contra, dave the hunter, etc. ruled the roost and can be considered the golden age of video gaming industry, compared to today’s numerous situs judi online terpercaya which only helps in nurturing gamblers which is the root cause of destruction.

The last big innovation to video games ( social-experience wise) was the ability to play with your friends through the internet. As of now, this is reigning supreme. You have the ability to play with your friends, in the same game, while communicating to them in the comfort of your own home. Another big plus that came out of this is that you no longer need to share your Television screen with your friend. In two player games, where you are playing with your friend on the same TV, the screen is split in half with one half being your player and the other half being your friends.

With all this being said, I (as always) find myself eager to buy a new video games. When I do however find out a particular game is a “Single Player Only” game, I get somewhat disappointed to find out I have to go back to square one. I would have to play the game by myself, then wait until the next school (well, it’s work now) day to compare with my friends. I find myself eager to get multiplayer games so I can share the fun with my friends by either playing with them or against them.

This has been a pretty big step in video games. People are no longer seeing games as an isolated experience. When people play video games now-a-days, they are usually connected with other people playing the same game, over the internet, interacting, laughing or competing with each other.


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