Weight Loss For A Sedentary Lifestyle

The reason I am writing this is to encourage others and help them feel their best. This is not an extremely quick weight loss, but a more relaxed, easier, and longer lasting weight loss. If you are like me you have seen all of these infomercials, and advertisements of products and diets that promise immediate results that will cost you time and money. I personally have a sedentary lifestyle and my exercise consists of walking while shopping, and playing with my one year old. This hasn’t changed one bit during my weight loss.

The majority of us would like to lose a few pounds, and that is understandable. I was in that same situation a year ago. My wife and I just had a son, my asthma was at it’s worst, and my weight was at its highest point. If I do any sort of exercise my entire body breaks out in hives; that takes out any chances for workouts. When I decided it was time to take off some weight I looked up what my current Body Mass Index (bmi) was, and what it should be. When dealing with bmi calculators you have to remember that they are generalized and do not take into consideration some of the important specifics of your body, but they are a good estimate of what the average person of your height should weigh. According to my bmi I needed to loose around 50 pounds to be comfortably within the realms of what was considered healthy. Weight loss clinic Houston also recommends to do some research online about some motivation on how you will be inspired in losing weight. With the help of technology, this should be even easier. 

The next step in the plan was to figure out what were the contributing factors to my weight, and what could be done without drastically changing my lifestyle. One of the first things that I realized were contributing factors were the liquids I was consuming. Venti Starbucks drinks, milk shakes, and sugary soda’s were a lot of added and unnecessary calories that I could cut out. I replaced the majority with water, green tea, and black coffee instead of sugary coffee. Now I know that black coffee could be a bit extreme or undo-able for some that is fine just limit the amount of sugar intake in the coffee. When I had a craving for something sweet that I could not get rid of I would drink some juice. When you take the majority of the drinks that have calories in them away and replace them with water it makes more of a difference than you would think. For instance you could replace a can of pop with a bottle of water or a cup of green tea, and that would trim about 220 calories off your daily intake. These are just excess calories that are not giving you sustenance.

In regards to food intake the real thing to consider is replacing empty calories with healthier and more filling calories. An example of this would be if you are having a chicken sandwich and you would normally go for fried chicken, you might want to opt for grilled instead as a much healthier alternative. Outside of adding more vegetables and less junk food, I tried to lower my intake of sugars, and sodium. Sodium to my best understanding regulates a lot of your water retention, and an excess of it will cause you to retain excess water. A lot of diet pills out there show fast results because they block this water retention and even to the point where you do not retain a healthy amount. This causes you to quickly drop weight especially if you are working out at the same time, but as soon as you stop taking the pills and resume the same sodium intake most of that weight will come right back. I’m not saying that sugar and sodium are bad; they just have to be consumed in moderation.

As I mentioned earlier I needed to loose around 50 pounds. I finally reached that goal in the latter part of 2012, and in the months that have passed I have maintained my goal weight within a 10 pound window. Did I cheat along the way? Absolutely, and I ate what I wanted over the holidays. You have to allow for some things that you desire or else you will get burnt out and never continue on. It was not a rapid weight loss and it was slower as time went on. You can not get discouraged during that period of time. The other thing you can not rely on people to comment on the weight loss right away either. Most people I know did not notice anything until I had reached my goal, and some didn’t comment even then. Only you know your real progress. Keep your chin up. Find a partner to confide in if you can. If not that’s fine. You can do it. You have to stick with it, and push your self through temptations to give up. I have a compulsive personality, and ADD for that matter; it was tough to stay motivated, but you have to have a positive perspective about the future you. I’m proud to say that I feel 100% better than I did 50 pounds ago. You can too.


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