What Do I Do To Cure Foot Fungus?

If you have asked yourself this question then there are certain things you need to know about your adversary before you can effectively declare a full scale clean up. Firstly you need to be absolutely sure that what you have is actually foot fungus cures and not some other infection or disease with similar symptoms; this is why it is advised to see a professional dermatologist. Before you do decide self  medicate or see your physician you should make a list of the symptoms, discuss your personal health information this would likely include your lifestyle and nature of job, also a list of current medication that you are on to ensure that you are not having an allergic reaction.

Laboratory testing and diagnosis can further aid in understanding the exact causes of your skin or nail symptoms to determine the most appropriate treatment. There are a few other forms of infection which tend to mimic the symptoms of fungal infection such as yeast and some bacteria hence proper diagnosis is required in order to differentiate.


Luckily the methodologies and remedies which are usually recommended for treatment are neither strenuous nor expensive. A few common methods of treatment are;

Anti-fungal chemotherapy

These are drugs that are effective against the growth and spreading of foot fungus. They also assist in the replacement of damaged nail by a new fungus-free toe nail. Examples of these drugs are Itraconazole and lamisil. The period of drug intake can vary from 6-12 months depending on the desired result and also on age as the growth of new nails are much slower in adults than younger children with way faster metabolic processes.

These drugs however may come with symptoms or reactions ranging from skin irritation to liver issues. This process of drug prescription should be closely monitored by a doctor to avoid complications.


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