What To Look For In A WordPress Theme

Are you an entrepreneur interested in starting a WordPress-based website? This is good practice, since WordPress is expertly designed to standardize content (eliminating much of the workload), and is also completely free. It is also considered the easiest CMS program to use, even for web newbies. However, chances are you are not interested in using the same old “Hello World!” 2014, 2015, 2017 black and white theme included with a WordPress download.

Professional design with as much or as little customization as you need.

Professional design is so important, and you will quickly realize this as you see that the majority of free blogs have awkward graphics and boxes that cannot be easily dropped. As for customization, you want to find a theme that walks the line between plenty of options (always good to have flexibility) and a design that looks “complete” just in case you don’t want to customize anything at all.

An easy store feature.

A store feature is a major factor for online merchants who will be using the site not merely for promotional reasons but for online payment and shipping. The best commercial themes have options for organizing and processing payment. This is the main reason to buy a commercial theme, since installing plug-ins on free WordPress themes is a huge pain.

Easy plug-in compatibility.

As awesome as your commercial WordPress might be, let’s not forget that flexibility is extremely important. Your site will evolve and your business might even make some adjustments as time goes on. For every change and for every cool new option there is, you must install a WordPress plug-in. Make sure your commercial theme has easy plug-in compatibility. Some WordPress themes actually crash fairly easy whenever you try to install a new feature. And crashing is very bad…which reminds us, back up your files consistently!

These are just top tips but there is a whole host of scenarios to consider when shopping for a theme—the least of which is not price. So budget carefully and research all available options before coming to a decision.


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