Will Napoli Come Out On Top?

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This season is turning out to be very interesting, all the leagues are getting very competitive and so is the Situs judi bola resmi opening up. We can already find the possible teams that could end up as Champions and things are getting muddled up in the group stages. Before we can talk about the possible group winners, we should first talk about the teams who’s qualification hangs in the balance.

Napoli is one such team that we would want to qualify due to their attacking ferociousness. Napoli are the team that are giving Juventus a run for their money in the Serie A after about more than half a decade of control but they have been put into a very tricky group which comprises of Feyenoord, Manchester City and Shaktar Donetsk. Manchester City have already qualified and still have a game against Shaktar to play while Napoli play against Feyenoord for their last game in the Champions League group stage. Right now Napoli are 3rd in the group with Shaktar placed right above them with a 3 point gap which means that Napoli need to win their next game while simultaneously Shaktar needs to lose their next game for Napoli to qualify.

This is where things get tricky because Shaktar have a very record in the group stage of this competition but they are then facing the mighty Manchester City who are playing flawless football this season and have crushed almost all opposition that has come their way till now. Napoli have the superior goal difference which means that if they actually end up defeating Feyenoord and Shaktar end up losing, then they are going to proceed to the next stage.


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