How to Clean Your Liver

There may be no visible signs yet but soon, winter will once more give way to the regenerative power of spring. It is during this time of rebirth and renewal when fresh food begins to rise up from the ground that naturopathic health practitioners advise their clients to go through a week long cleansing fast to clean and detoxify the blood and bring fresh vigor to the body.

For over a century, natural medicine has recognized the fact that many illnesses can be treated by increasing the effective function of the liver. After our skin, our liver is the largest organ of the body. As the largest gland in the body, it has many important functions. It breaks down fats, synthesizes proteins into substances needed for life and growth, and produces enzymes and chemicals needed for digestion. One of its most significant functions is to filter and cleanse our blood and make it usable for the entire body.

It is no wonder then that if the liver were to be weakened in any way, the entire body would be affected. When the liver is not functioning at its optimum level, every other organ system suffers the effects. Health problems arise when a liver becomes sluggish. However, the liver is a powerhouse that works overtime if necessary in an attempt to keep the body healthy. Because it works so hard for our benefit, it would behoove us to undergo an annual liver cleanse or a liver fast to support this tireless sentinel in our body. The pills will act as booster for the person to improve the performance in sports. The ratings of the pills should be checked at site so that proper information will be available with the person.

As mentioned, filtering the body’s blood and purifying and clearing the body of waste products and toxins is an important function of the liver. When the liver is not functioning optimally, toxins may build up in the bloodstream, leading to a potentially harmful condition. Symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, bloating, constipation, allergies, premenstrual tension and a host of others may manifest.

Poor diet is one factor that causes the liver to function sluggishly. Habitually eating foods that are high in fat or highly processed are deleterious to the liver. Over consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs also harms the liver’s function, as do certain prescription medicines. Age is another factor. As the body ages, our detoxification processes slow down.

One good way to keep your liver detoxification system performing optimally is to go on a seven-day cleansing fast. Here are some instructions for the detoxification program.

– Take only water for the first two days of the fast. No juices of rood except for lemon water.

– Take only Vitamin C during those two days. Suspend other vitamins and supplements for the meantime.

– On days 3 through 7, eat as much rice, fruit and vegetables as desired.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are highly recommended because they replenish the body’s supply of glutathione, a protein produced by the liver that prevents cellular injury. Soybeans, string beans, radishes, horseradish, celery and kale are beneficial for their sulfur supply. Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage and citrus fruit assist in stimulating the liver. Broccoli is especially good for people who drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes or are exposed to pesticides and paint and exhaust fumes.


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