What Are Some Of The Best Parks In Chicago Illinois?

Do you consider yourself a lover of Mother Nature? Then you will surely want to explore some of the most scenic parks in America. If you plan to go to Chicago and you want to get out of the hectic city life, then moving to the best parks in Chicago Illinois will surely be a great idea. Here are some of the best parks you can visit.

  • Indiana Dunes State Park:

This park is situated at Lake Michigan. This park can surely be considered as one of the most beautiful recreational parks which you may visit. It is protecting the shoreline adjacent to the lake and the dunes. You can enjoy different activities like swimming, fishing, watching various birds, and many others in this park. After moving around this garden for around half an hour, you will surely cherish the lake’s sandy beach and the calm water.

  • Starved Rock State Park:

If you want to have a day trip to one of the most beautiful parks near Chicago, then this park is also a great option for you. You will have the finest view of the scenic Illinois River from this park. You will also be able to see the waterfall inside the park. This is surely one of the best parks in Chicago Illinois.

  • Matthiessen State Park:

You will find this wonderful green park just 100 miles away from the city of Chicago. You will enjoy hiking trails near the Vermillion River from this park. You can also enjoy the lake fall, which is 45 feet tall. This park is very much nearby from Starved Rock State Park. So, you may visit both these parks on the same day to make the plan perfectly. 

  • Pere Marquette State Park:

This park can be considered perfect if you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Illinois and Mississippi River. You will find this park more beautiful in autumn. The ground of the park will be filled with orange, yellow, and red dry leaves. 


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