A Step Down From Final Fantasy

First off, I’m going to say that I’m a Hardcore gamer from Nintendo to PC games and this game that I’m here to tell you about is a game that I have been playing for about 5 years. The game is called Materia Magica, it’s a online RPG, it’s just like Final Fantasy, with some draw-backs; but still a very good game. Now I’ve never played the latest Final Fantasy, hell or any other ones at that, (expect Final Fantasy Tactics, Damn good game there) but I do have A LOT of friend that play all the time, so much it’s to a point that they don’t turn off their PlayStation, so I know the general Ideal of it. Now don’t get me wrong it’s not like I don’t like FF, (Final Fantasy) there are a lot of things that FF has that MM (Materia Magica) doesn’t. Like a visual, yes MM plays like a book, you have to read everything you do, but if you’re into RPG you won’t let that stop you. There are a lot of official websites that will help you to understand and have an overview about RPG. These websites will also allow you to actually try some features of the game.

When I stop and think about it, to be totally honest…that’s the ONLY thing that FF has on MM, matter of fact you have to pay every flipping month to play FF! Not with MM you can play to your hearts content and you won’t get charge a red cent. MM also has more races that you can choose from and classes, plus you get more gold per kill and much higher levels. I think FF levels goes up to level 60, and then it’s like your playing and paying just to run around and do other things that doesn’t follow the damn story line. With MM your levels goes up to 241 and from there you can get on and start your own clan, become a Immortal (that means become a guide) or just get on and murder other players. Yep you bet ya, in FF you have to wait until that fighting arena comes up, on MM for you to get murder all you want, all you need is to find someone in the wrong place at the right time and it’s all over for them, (or for you, if I find you l.o.l) and yeah you can openly challenge someone, and fight them one on one.

There’s 3 ways to enter a player VS player combat, 1.) Lawful Player Killing zone, which (if you lose) you will come back to life right after you die, basically just for fun. 2.) Neutral Player Killing zone, which (if you lose) you get sent to hell for a few minutes, the winner of the match gets his\her reputation lower which mean everyone will know “hell that person has murder a few people, maybe I shouldn’t mess with them”. 3.) Chaotic Player Killing zone, (somewhere you don’t want to be) if you lose in this area you really lose. When your killed in this area you lose all the gold that you have in you pocket and all your equipment that you have on as well as everything you had in your inventory and you get sent to hell plus (yes theirs more) the player that kill you get his/hers reputation drop (fun to kill other people but not fun to get killed).

Another good thing about MM is that it’s like a huge chat room, hell I get on a lot to just talk it up with my friends…hah I’m online right now. In MM you don’t have to switch off from PS2 controller back to keyboard, its all just a key stroke away; I myself watch my friend die countless times on FF, because they were trying to find the balance between to controller and the keyboard.

All in all if you are a FF user I’m not trying to tear you away from it, if anything I’m trying to save you some money. So if you do want to try something new or you just want to break away from the big time Fantasy MM is the RPG for you, you can get to the site by searching the name Materia Magica, and if you do try it out look me up, Eible’s the name.

I’m Boxer telling you wake up from your Fantasy that’s costing you ever so much, and go learn some Magica.

RuneScape- Emerging New Game

Online gaming has proven to be the next great frontier. It has become so popular very quickly. Adults, teenagers, and kids all over the world have had some sort of experience with online role playing. The video gaming industry have made virtually billions of dollars from the sales of this type of entertainment. RuneScape is another game that is emerging on this new gaming frontier. Players are able to participate in online role play and interact with other players while having fun but some parents may ask if this online game could be dangerous.

RuneScape is a virtual world that is set in the Middle Ages time period. You are able to earn money through acquiring skills through crafting, mining, or even archery. Players get the chance to fight battles against worthy opponents. The gave cannot be played in just a few minutes or even just one day. It is a very time consuming game that requires brilliant planning and strategy to get to the next level. Each game is different for each player because you are in charge of customizing your virtual world. This will give you the opportunity to add your own special touch to what you create. While playing the game you are able to use the chatting feature to communicate with others that are playing also. Doing this will give you a little more incentive to play the game because you know that you are not alone.

Parents must be made aware that their teens should be cautious while immersing themselves in this virtual world. Although the chatting feature is convenient, it can also open the doors to unwanted guests. Teens should never share any of their personal information with someone that is unknown. Stress this fact over and over again until your teen gets the point. Online predators look for this type of vulnerability so that they can prey on our loved ones.

Not only are predators lurking online in the gaming communities, but scammers are also readily there to pounce on unsuspecting teens. These scammers will try to con a teen into paying more for items than what they are really worth. They will quickly change the amount of products in order to fool an unsuspecting victim. If your teen has fallen victim to a scam artist, parents are able to report them for doing this.

Be aware that because this is an online game it is not rated. Parents may unwittingly allow their teens to be exposed to violence. Remember this a game that requires multiple battling techniques. In order to win a potential battle, your teen will be required to create different battle actions to succeed.

Online role playing games do not always teach our teens bad habits. There are some good things that they can learn from them as well. It is a great way for them to learn how to manage money. This will help them to create a budget and then use their skill to spend their money wisely. As long as you monitor your teens actions while playing virtual role playing games, then you can feel secure in your teen having fun. You can visit situs poker online idn to play several other online games. You can enjoy these games with your family or friends as well.

What Makes a Memory Foam Mattress Different from a Regular Mattress?

One of the most alluring aspects of memory foam is that is molds itself to the sleeper’s body and creates an imprint, which makes one feel as though the mattress is literally made to fit. For some, the use of memory foam creates an incredibly uncomfortable way to sleep but for others, especially those who tend to toss and turn throughout the night and suffer from back pain caused by a stiff unyielding mattress, memory foam is the solution to sleeping issues. For me, memory foam has worked wonders and after using memory foam for the past few years, I can safely say that the back problems I suffered for so long as a result of a too-firm mattress are gone. Again though, memory foam is not for everyone and even some people I’ve known with back problems felt the problem was exaggerated after using a memory foam mattress.

Unlike a regular mattress that one buys either because it is firm or soft, a memory foam mattress does not come with these distinctions. Instead, since it molds itself to the contour of the sleeper’s body, it creates (and comes with) a blend of softness from the actual foam as well as the needed firmness that is the result of the mold. It offers a consistent feel each night, which is something that is not true with a traditional mattress that eventually gets saggy in the middle or gets softer in certain spots even if you have the best selection of captain’s storage beds. A memory foam mattress is also different in the way it literally feels as you sleep since it tends to retain heat. Supposedly, the fact that it retains this heat is part of what makes it good for achy muscles, sore necks, and bad backs but one drawback that you don’t have with a traditional mattress is that you don’t feel stifled. One of the only complaints I have about memory foam, in fact, is that I get really hot and sometimes have to actually create a new imprint so I can get comfortable. This might sound worse than it is, but for those who live in especially hot climates, you’ll want to make sure you’re aware of this before you decide to invest in a memory foam mattress.

When the word “invest” is used in conjunction with memory foam, it’s well-meant. Memory foam mattresses tend to be quite a bit more expensive than a regular or traditional mattress, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, a memory foam mattress is going to last quite a bit longer than a traditional mattress and although you’re putting more money down at first, in the end it will save you money. I was going through at least one mattress per year, especially with my back problems and at this point, I can’t see myself having to buy a new memory foam mattress for many years to come. It’s very durable and although it’s incredibly heavy (thank goodness I don’t have to move it-they are far heavier than traditional mattresses) it’s one of the best investments I’ve made. I also think for those with serious back or neck problems, it might cut down on the visits to the chiropractor. When looking at prices for memory foam mattresses, don’t think with your pocketbook. It’s going to be worth the expense to go with memory foam and if you’re like me and suffer from back or neck pain, you’ll thank me for suggesting memory foam. It’s a lifesaver and worth every penny.

As an endnote, I must say that I have to laugh when I think about how I first heard about memory foam. On a commercial, they actually said memory foam was created by NASA, a fact that although it sounds like a gimmick to make memory foam seem more “futuristic” than it is, is actually true. Memory foam was originally conceived to mold to the form of astronauts as they dealt with the sudden shift in gravity. From what I have read, however, this was how memory foam got its start, but it was never actually used in space and instead has taken over the mattress market. No matter where it’s used, it’s better than a traditional spring mattress and despite the extra cost, it can save a lot of money down the road and a lot of pain.

Clever Tips to Dominate the Poker Table Efficiently

If you’re like me, you’ve been annoyed by those idiots who go all in with 7,2 offsuit and win a big pot. You’ve sworn to never play poker again, a number of times (you know you’ll never mean it) because you just can’t play with these loose players who don’t know how to play real poker. There are annoying habits of bad poker players on Judi Kartu online too; but this time, you must learn how to dominate real table efficiently.

Lesson number one if you want to keep up, is you have to forget what you know about only playing good hands. This can be very, very hard to do. Unfortunately, when you’re playing with loose players you can not be a ‘stone’ (a stiff player) because even pocket aces aren’t worth waiting for. What good are pocket aces when the person you are going up against is betting large with a 2 and a 5 of clubs and the flop comes out in their favor? You may be a ‘better player’, but you won’t win that way.

Second, you have to act. This is not about bluffing, this is about pretending to be a wreckless person. Stoop to the level of your annoying opponents because there will still be other ‘good players’ who aren’t ready to throw in their pride and play like a bad poker player yet. You want to annoy those people, get under their skin, and take their money.

There are a number of ways to pull this off, but it’s better to combine these methods. The best thing to do is to give of the illusion of being intoxicated. A drunk player plays loosely, and good poker players know to pay attention to who is drinking. Tricking these observers can be difficult depending on the location of the game. If you are playing somewhere where there is a bar, order several virgin drinks that appear to be alcoholic. (Fruits and umbrellas are a good thing!)

If you are playing in a ‘basement game’ it can be pretty impossible to fool anybody. These games are typically BYOB, and the only possible way to pull it off is to nurse one or two beers, while trying to pass off others empties as you’re own. When trying to give off the illusion of intoxication, improvise on how you are convincing others that you have been drinking alot.


Good acting is important if you are pretending to be intoxicated. This means you have to talk (a LOT) and really open up (or pretend to). Slur your words without being obvious about it. The most important thing is to be messy! Don’t do anything as bad as knocking over a drink, though knocking over a chip stack can be effective (as long as it is your own). You want to be messy with your card playing, but finding other ways to show messiness will make you more convincing as a sloppy player, and not somebody who’s trying to appear sloppy.

Being messy with your cards are very easy. This is, in fact, an entirely different rule. The third rule to dominating the table by being a bad poker player is to forget the good player rule of mucking losing hands, and only showing winning hands if it is necessary (or somebody pays to see.) You don’t want other good players to tag you as a good player anyways, so forget about that rule and step down the ranks. Play a few rounds (when the cost is low enough to get away with it) that you know you will lose. When you do this right, you can throw your losing hand, face up, to the dealer and allow everybody to view what you were holding and mark you appropriately.

Why would a good poker player want to be a bad poker player? You don’t! You want to fool others into underestimating you, the same way you underestimate other players who actually go all in with 7,2 off suit and end up winning a big pot. Think how they think. Chase after inside straights or fool’s flush draws. Maybe you’ll catch the same luck as those idiots do, maybe you won’t. Be sure that other players can tell you are playing poorly, and take advantage of this.

If you want to win the big pots, you can’t be a ‘penny pincher’ with your chips. You’re not always throwing money away by occasionally playing those bad hands (and showing it), you’re investing money into convincing others that you are not a threat to them.

How To Get Into Sports Marketing After You Have Done Mba?

Sports marketing is something that has been in the corner for a very long time but common people are not familiar with this concept. This form of marketing can be taken up easily after you have done your MBA. There is no specific branch that you can study during your MBA to come into sports marketing and analysis. You can just have an MBA degree and yet just join in sports marketing. It is true that sports marketing is slightly different than that of marketing for a general brand or a product. Here are a few tips if you want to get involved in the process.

  • Join a team as marketing in charge

the ideal way to start your career after an MBA is to join a team and then work with them to manage the profiles of the players and the other members of that team. Once you have done that you can get a good idea about how things operate in this line. This will help you to get a better idea about what is going on and how you can improve the marketing of a sport or how to face the fans so that they take up more and more interest in the sport.

  • Try to know and promote the sport

If you are handling a particular sport then you will have to help to promote the sport as well. It is not like 먹튀DB that you can simply figure out things without asking or enquiring about them. If you want to know about the game then you would be required to invest some time on that as well.

Thus, if you are an MBA and want to join as a sports executive somewhere then this could be the way to do that. It is quite convenient.

Reasons Why Personalized Stuffed Animals Are Great Promotional Items

Promotional items are important for the growth of your business. They are very helpful in promoting your brand and establishing an image of it. It adds your personal touch to the brand and gives it a defining identity. There are many presentable items that could be used as promotional tools for your business. One of the best and most used promotional items are personalized stuffed animals.

A stuffed animal is a soft toy containing an outer fabric sewn from a cloth and stuffed with flexible material such as cotton. It is popularly used as a promotional gift item by corporates and startups to advertise their brand. It is considered best due to many reasons.

Universal Appeal

Stuffed animals are used worldwide as toys and decorative items. They are a favorite amongst youngsters. It reflects a positive and believable image of your brand. They are irresistible and cute. Gifting a stuffed animal could be an accurate move to promote your brand.


Stuffed animals are an affordable and cost-effective promotional gifting option. They are easy to make and put no additional burden or your pocket. Moreover, they are high- quality and durable products. Stuffed toys are value for money products and are long-lasting.

Adaptive to any business type

Stuffed toys are suitable for all types of businesses and events. They can be used to promote all kinds of brands as they are compatible with all promotional strategies. From new startups to multinational conglomerates, all sizes of businesses can use stuffed animals for promoting their brand.

High customization options

The best thing about stuffed animals is that they can be used in numerable forms, shapes, and sizes.  There are lots of varieties available to choose from. From bears, pandas, giraffes, koalas, monkeys to hippos, lions and dogs, stuffed animals have a huge variety. There are a lot of colors and prints available.

Choosing a perfect promotional item for your business is important for your business. For suggestions, refer to promotionalitems.me

Best Affordable And Small Vacuum Cleaners For Tiny Apartments

There are numerous health risks of a dirty carpet. Especially if you have young ones at home, the dust particles in the carpet can contribute in the development of breathing diseases like Asthma. So, keeping your carpets clean is a major priority for your home. But when you are living in a small apartment, having an expensive high-powered vacuum cleaner can be somewhat of a loss. With a smaller yet efficient vacuum cleaner, you win in not having spend hundreds on a fancy thing you will probably never need and also a cleaner with added storage facilities.

The first considerable option you can purchase is the Bissell 3 in 1 Lightweight Stick Hand Vacuum Cleaner. This vacuum cleaner packs a punch at a very low price. The only issue can be the small cord. The cleaner is also incredibly light weight, weighing just around 4 lbs. The handle also comes off easily making it a handleless vacuum cleaner. Then there is Shark HV382 Vacuum. Shark is a tycoon of vacuum cleaners, which makes Shark HV382 Vacuum worth the extra bucks. Quality is guaranteed with this cleaner. The Dyson V10 Vacuum is a quality vacuum cleaner. This V10 Vacuum is a cordless, battery operated, high powered cleaner that is very easy to store. The two tire radial cyclonic suction type is one of teh best feature in a Dyson device. The V10 also comes with this feature making suction efficient.

The Prezzo Dyson V8, falls in the same line of quality Dyson cleaners. Like said before, Dyson makes quality cleaners. This vacuum cleaner is a cheaper alternative to the considerably expensive successor. The Prezzo Dyson V8 is the best possible vacuum cleaner to buy for an apartment. Buying a generation old, Dyson vacuum cleaner, considering the price difference can be totally worth it.

What Are The Various Tips That You Can Follow To Increase Your Vertical Jump?

The vertical leap is the essential technique of the game if you are a professional athlete, as it has a great impact on your game. A vertical leap is mainly considered in the games such as basketball, volleyball, as well as athletics.

The main reason for the leap is to increase the flexibility of the body to have better performance in sports. Moreover, if you want to learn more tips, you can search by typing how to increase your vertical jump, and you can notice an improvement in your game.

Following are the tips that you can consider to improve your vertical jump


The squats are the most important part of the practice if you want to increase your vertical leap. The most important thing is that you should have knowledge about the best methods of performing squats. You should look slightly lower down your body by bending and lift back to the basic position.


The leg muscles play a vital role in the performing vertical leap, and you should have the strong le muscles to strengthen your leg muscles. The plyometric is considered as one of the best exercises if you want to make your leg muscles stronger. This exercise is also mentioned in the key instructions of How to increase your vertical jump. Mainly you have to focus on your body weight to achieve the best results.

Weight training

The weight training is also one of the most effective exercises, which you can consider to increase your vertical leap. Having heavyweights exercise on your legs can surely improve your vertical leap.

What Is Going To Make Boxing The Most Addictive Sport In 2019?

Boxing is one of most addictive sports that you can take up this year. Boxing is a skillful and challenging sport which is not everyone’s cup of tea. But as you know, nothing is quite impossible. So if you are planning to start your journey as a boxer, then here are some reasons why boxing is going to be the most addictive sport in 2019.

  • Heavy fat burning 

in a single boxing training session, you can probably lose around 500 calories. It is a high intensity training session which involves the participation of most of the muscles in your body that allows your body to burn a lot of fat. Therefore if you are planning to shed some weight, boxing is the best option.

  • Toned muscles 

the typical body structure and shape of a boxer is always toned. Boxing is the perfect sport if you want to get a toned body structure. Continous punching and kicking allows the muscles to lose a lot of extra fat and thus provides you with the speed and flexibility.

  • Provides amazing strength 

boxing is one of the best strength training exercise you can practice. Boxing offers the best Resistance training when compared to other sports. It helps to inhibit the risk of osteoporosis and provides amazing strength to all your muscles and bones. Boxing also helps you to maintain lean muscles which are essential for maintaining a strong set of muscles.

  • Better cardiovascular health 

boxing is a fast paced and quick game which requires your heart to remain active the most and work continuously. This results in a better cardiovascular health and keeps any such diseases at bay. This sport will test the strength of your cardiovascular system to it’s maximum and that is good.

Visit Bandar Bola to get the right set of equipment and gear which will allow you to start doing boxing from this very date with maximum performance.

Best Lead Generation Hacks For Digital Agencies

It is a job of every digital agency to promote business for other. What about themselves? They can’t just hire a sales team and sit back or relax. They must make themselves go public. Every client must be satisfied with the fact that your services are the best and better than the rest.

As a digital agency, you are competing with many other marketing firms well established in the markets across the world. For the same reason, you need to make sure that you are in step with the market trends and the ever growing competition in the world of digital marketing. Only then will your business prosper and make profits.

Before even worrying about how to prosper and make good profits, we must understand that the best and the most important requirement for a good marketing agency is the study and constant inflow of new leads. Let us look at a few tips for lead generation for a Digital Agencies

  1. Video Marketing

Any sort of visual content with audio explanations are considered best when it comes to sectors like education and business marketing, etc.

  1. Websites

Websites are a god way to market business but in the fast paced world, the websites are seen is boring and monotonous. Thus supporting like e-books, vouchers, etc can be added on in order to attract more traffic.

  1. Guest Posts and Press Mentions

Guest Blogging helps spread the business. The main agenda for this is to build relations and promote business in fair manner. Thus guest posts are the lifeblood of any marketing agency.The list of tips is endless, but other than these, the agencies can get themselves promoted over social Medias platforms all across the world in order to attract more business.