Rules For Omaha High

Omaha is a game which played with five community cards and is quite different from Texas holdem. Omaha has two variations- Omaha High only and Omaha Hi/Lo split. It can be played with the betting being a structured Limit game or can also be played as No Limit and Pot Limit games like pkv poker.

The rules of poker game ie Limit Omaha High are fairly easy to learn. Limit Hold’em has structured betting, and the lowest limit is $2/$4but also go upto 5/10 or 10/20 or higher. Here 32/4 game will be explained as an example. These same limits are used when you raise as well.

1. The Dealer

One player is designated as the dealer who will act last during the betting rounds. A “Button” is used to identify the dealer which is rotated to the left after each hand. Blind bets are posted to generate a starting pot same as in Texas Hold’em.

2. The Start

The game is started by posting “Blinds” the big blind and the small blind .The participant seated on the left side of the participant with the dealer button puts in a small blind with half the of the minimum amount that can be bet. The participant seated on the left side of the small blind puts in a big blind that is as much as the minimum amount that can be bet which happens to be $3 in this particular game.

3. The Opening

Soon after the blinds every player is given 4 face down cards. The participant that put in small blind gets the card first and the person to get the card last is the player at the dealer button . The primary round of betting starts with the participant on the left side of the big blind to either “Call” the bet, or “raise” the bet or fold the hand.

4. The Flop

Three cards are now laid face up on the table. This is called “Flop.” These cards are called community cards and are used by all the players. Then the first player to the left side of the dealer begins a round of betting. Three dollars is the minimum bet for this round..

5. The Turn

After the round of betting is complete; the first card in the stack is burnt by the dealer and a fourth community card is put on the table. This fourth card is called “Turn.” After the turn, the minimum bet now is six dollars and betting starts with the first player on the left of the dealer button that is still in the game.

6. The River

After the betting round for the turn is done,, the dealer then burns the first card in the stack and puts down the fifth card which is the final community card.. this last community card to be laid down is called the “river,” Then begins the final round of betting.

7. Showdown 

To reach the final outcome and a clear winner, participants MUST use the two pocket cards and three

cards from the community cards to form a five card hand the highest combination wins. In some cases two players will tie which happens quite often in Omaha Hi/Lo. In which case the pot will be split by the remaining players.

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Why Do Casinos Change Chips?

As someone who has written many articles on the gambling industry, I am often asked questions by regular readers. One question that I am often asked is about how casinos change chips. My readers wonder why it is that casinos change chips in the first place. Little do these readers realize that there are many possible reasons for casinos to change chips. Although, this is not the case with online casinos like judi bola indonesia where you do not need chips or anything to play or while placing bets.

Casinos Change Chips Due to Worn Out Chips

Every so often, casinos have to change chips due to the fact that their old ones are looking a little shabby. With the new technology that has gone time making casino chips over the years, this reason is being used less and less by casinos to change their chips.

Casinos Change Chips Due to Name Changes

A very popular reason for a casino to have to change chips is a name change. When the Aladdin changed to Planet Hollywood, all of the old chips with the old logos had to go to make room for the new Planet Hollywood chips.

Casinos Change Chips Due to Chips Losses

Casinos need to keep a certain number of chips on hand at any given time. The casinos need to make sure that they have more than enough chips around to cover the play that is going on. Of course, over time, chips become damaged, get purchased by collectors, go home with patrons that forget that they have them in a pocket, or get lost in the cracks. Casinos need to replace these chips, and sometimes it is more cost-efficient to just change all of the casino chips.

Casinos Change Chips Due to Improved Technology

A few years ago, technology came out where casinos could place computer chips inside of casino chips. This could give a casino an exact count of the dollar amount of the chips at a table game, or in play. This has cut down on certain types of cheaters and has cut down on casino dealer mistakes. Many casinos have changed over to this kind of casino chip.

Casinos Change Chips Due to Tax Breaks

There is at least one case that I know of in which a casino changed chips in order to qualify for a certain type of tax break. They needed to spend a certain amount of money for their renovations to qualify. While the current chips were only a few years old, the casinos ordered new chips to reach the threshold that it needed.

While there are many reasons for a casino to change chips, these are the most common, and the most unusual. Remember, whenever a casino changes chips, the older chips go up in price for collectors. I have had times in which I purchased chips from a casino before it changed chips and sold the other ones online for an increase in the face value.

Poker Tips: When You Should Go All-in

Going ‘All-In’ is one of the most widely known plays in No Limit Texas Hold Em and is one that is often misused. There are plenty of times when going all-in or calling an all-in is an excellent move, but there are also plenty of times when it is a poor use of your chips. Going All-in does require great poker skills and guts as you can easily lose your game along with all your winnings. Which is why it is recommended that you practice all your skills and tricks on apps like pussy888 apk to develop those skills and win the game every time you play.

There are a few scenarios in which you may be faced with deciding whether to go all-in:

Pre-Flop: Going all-in pre-flop is only useful in late-position as a way of stealing blinds or if you are short stacked and have a good hand that could potentially double you up if anyone calls. Many people abuse the all-in move pushing chip stacks and forcing everyone to fold which yields little payoff and will eventually lead to another person catching a great hand and eliminating the aggressive all in pusher. Generally a re-raise about 3x the big blind is enough to push mediocre starting hands to fold, leaving less players to catch. (ie the big blind is holding 7 4 off suit and everyone checks while you hold AA) Flop comes 7 7 4; you raise with your AA only to watch the other player push all-in and most of your outs vanish.

On the Flop: Generally if you flop what you feel is a top hand you should check if you are in early position. Going all in now could scare off some players. (remember your goal is to extract as many chips as possible). If you hold the nuts or what is most likely a top hand and someone raises, call as you may be able to extract more chips by slow playing your hand. Of course be aware of the Turn and River and if you fear the person is drawing, going all in can give you the pot and keep the other players from catching.

The Turn: On this 4th card many players are seeing what their hand is becoming; if you see 2 or more suited cards on the table and no one raises you can sometimes use an all-in move to steal the pot as you represent the flush. Be careful though if someone does this to you, unless the player is a known bluffer they may have the flush. Again unless you are worried of someone drawing and catching on the River, a raise or re-raise is good enough to take down most pots here.

The River: Checking here can be an open invitation to attack your chip stack. If you have a monster hand this is the only time to check. A small bet can also lure another player to call and can net you a few extra chips if you win the showdown. Again late position re-raising can be useful by pushing all-in if no one bets.

But what if you aren’t looking to go all-in but another player pushes all in?

Whether or not this will push you all in or just shorten your stack are important things to consider. Pot odds are another thing to consider when another player is pushing all-in. Look at how many chips you’ve invested in the pot, where the hand is at (ie pre flop, flop, turn, river). If a small stack pushes all in and you hold even a moderate hand it may be worth your chips to call them as long as their small stack represents less then 25% of your overall stack. Again if you hold the nuts you can afford to call bigger all in stacks. Also if a larger stack pushes all in and this will put you all in as well, look at what you are holding, the possibilities out there and the pot odds. I can’t stress pot odds enough in this situation. If a stack with only 1k in chips pushes all in and your stack is say 20k in chips, call them every time pre-flop. If you lose you’ve lost a small 5% of your stack, if you win you’ve won an extra 1K. Plus if you already have chips in the pot and the pot is large it may be worth it to take a gamble in this case.

Also people often ask what are the best hands pre-flop. Really its hard to say because even a horrible starting hand (ie- 7 4 offsuit) can turn into the winning hand. But realistically there are a few hands that are considered great starting hands and people pushing all-in pre-flop generally hold one of these. They are, AK suited, AK off suit, AA, and KK. Also many pocket pairs justify a raise as they can easily turn into a set or a full house. QQ and 1010 are very popular with people to push all in with pre flop. Hands that are connected are usually only good if they are also suited (being higher cards doesn’t hurt either). Some examples include J10 suited, KQ suited, and so forth.

If you are small stack, esp. in a tournament you may push all in on weaker hands with the hopes of doubling up or just being forced all in by rising blinds. When your playing with a good size stack folding hands like Q7 off suit is something you should always do, but when your short stacked this hand may be your last chance at building your stack up before losing your chips to a blind.

Keep in mind that going ‘all-in’ can often mean the end of a tournament for you, calling ‘all-in’s’ that will take a huge chunk of your stack should only be called with good hands, and realize that hands like AA and AK don’t always hold up once the cards start dropping.