How to Keep Kids Entertained at a Wedding

The wedding day has arrived and the church or banquet hall is abuzz with voices from every single corner. People are making their way to their seats and waiting to see the couple take their vows or waiting for a toast. Excitement and happiness is filling the room until high pitch crying can be heard resonating from the walls. Suddenly it is no longer the sound of one child but of multiple children screaming, laughing, running and bumping into things. Everyone understands this is will happen when children are together but the key during an important celebration is to keep them entertained. Here are some ideas to keep kids occupied during your big event.


Although kids may want to hang out with parents or the older crowd; leaving an area of the banquet hall or reception site open for kids can keep them within eye/ear shot but not right under foot. There is an assortment of items available keep kids entertained.

Individual miniature puzzles can be given to kids to give them something to pass the time. Read the age requirements for puzzle pieces in case you have young guests who may try to eat the pieces. Goody bags with small toys and candies can be given as rewards for good behavior, also.

Coloring books/ copied prints and crayons or markers are a hit with young children. Girls or boys coloring books/prints can be used or unisex choices will do for everyone. If you decide this is the right choice for you don’t forget to purchase washable markers.

Foam arts and crafts are another easy way to keep kids entertained. You can find foam cut outs with adhesives on the back so glue is not necessary. Although the back peel will have to be cleaned up; you won’t have to clean up misplaced glue.

Portable DVD players can be a big relief at your wedding. These DVD players can be plugged into the wall or battery operated for appropriate aged movies. The banquet hall or reception site may have a small designated room with a media center that can be used entertain the kids. If this is available a Play Station or XBox can be hooked up to keep the kids from getting bored.

Providing some finger foods is another way to keep kids entertained with some dance move they perform on the beats of lancaster pa wedding dj which made them happy. Although there may be a buffet not all children will eat stuffed puffed pastries or sliced roast beef. Keeping a small supply of chicken fingers, gold fish crackers, grilled cheese or peanut butter  amp; jelly sandwich’s can be an ample meal combined with the other items on the menu.

If your wedding site and reception is outside there are several other ways to keep the kids entertained. Nerf balls, Frisbees and bubble wands can work double duty as gifts and as entertainment. More importantly, if the bride and the kids are happy; everyone is a happy.


Origin Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the most popular topics in the contemporary world. For the people living under the rock until now, this article will discuss the origins of Bitcoin and what Bitcoin is. Bitcoin is known as a reward of a process called mining. One can access Bitcoin Loophole website for more information on the loopholes of Bitcoin. So without beating around the bush anymore, let’s start with the origins of Bitcoins first.


As a payment system, based on electronic means for mathematical proof, an alleged software engineer with the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto proposed this cryptocurrency in the year 2008. The basic idea behind Bitcoin is to create an independent mean of exchange without depending on any Central agency and which can be done in a safe, secure and simple way. The interesting fact about this whole fiasco is that the original identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is still unknown.

After the supposed leave of Satoshi from the project in the year 2010, developers took over this and the project became accessible to the public for viewing and control through an open-source code by volunteer coders across the world. This system is otherwise known as the decentralized system which came to be after the economic crash, otherwise known as the financial crash of 2008 after the centralised economic attracted a lot of criticism.

What is Bitcoin? 

In terms of other currencies like Dollars and pounds, the idea is bitcoin is similar as they too can be traded digitally for any deal. But they are not just currencies, they are accounting units to for any kind of specific programs. One can break down a bitcoin into 1 billion pieces and each piece can be traded individually as stock currency or anything for that matter.

One can deliver any currency which is pre-programmed by using Bitcoin technology.

Guide On Using Your Own Hardware To Mine

If you want to save yourself the trouble of determining whether a bitcoin cloud miner in the Bitcoin Era es real o estafa, you can always just buy your own hardware and mine bitcoin by yourself. However, if you chose to go this route, there are things that you must do or else, you will risk losing money in the expensive hardware that you will have to buy. In this article, we will discuss how you can use your own hardware to mine bitcoin on your home. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Use an online mining profitability calculator

Be sure to use a mining profitability calculator to determine the mining profits that you will receive with your rig. Mining rigs are usually quite high priced and burn up loads of electricity. Tinkering with various setups on a mining calculator on the internet can assist you to evaluate if it’s worth the cost to get started on mining.

  1. Use dedicated ASIC miners

Purchase ASIC miners along with a power supply for use on your mining machine. ASIC is the abbreviation of application-specific integrated circuit, a computer chip created exclusively to mine Bitcoin. Unlike CPUs and GPUs used in mining bitcoin that can be used for other tasks, the sole function of an ASIC is for bitcoin mining and nothing else. ASIC miners are different when it comes to prices based on their hashing strength and performance.

  1. Become a member of a mining pool

Mining pools are usually a group of multiple miners that combine the power of their hardware to mine bitcoin and share the bitcoins that they mined among themselves. A pool allows you to take on huge mining facilities from mining companies with huge hashing capability and provide a stable income compared to mining alone.

Plus Size Fashion: Shopping Online with more option of apparel!

For fuller figured women, finding clothes that are both trendy and fit well can be very difficult. Shopping at the local mall for trendy, plus size clothing can be very limiting; on average especially with Hijab due to its size and wearing principles which don’t feel comfortable by most women out there. There are only one or two stores fully dedicated to plus size clothing, and the others contain mostly juniors and misses’ sizes, dedicating only a small section to plus sizes. This can make shopping very frustrating for the fuller figured woman. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, there’s not much of an option to go to another store. If you are a plus size woman who has had this experience, shopping online may be a better option than going to stores. Lane Bryant and Old Navy have made plus size clothing available in their online stores, but there are several other options as well. Below you will find information on two online stores, fully dedicated to making and selling quality clothing for fuller figured women. 

When the first page of opens, you know you’ve come to the right place when it comes to plus size fashion. Igigi welcomes visitors with a mission statement, saying, “We believe that words like “ample”, “opulent”, and “voluptuous” should be mainstays in the fashion dictionary”, and they back up that statement with beautiful, quality clothing. The website is well organized and very easy to navigate; you can shop by size or by body shape. The plus size woman can find almost anything she needs at, including everything from day and evening dresses, to tops and bottoms, even Bridal necessities, like wedding dresses and bridesmaids gowns. They also have a body shape guide, to help women identify their body shapes and find out what works best with their figures. ships internationally and offers a long period for returns and exchanges; you have up to 60 days to return or exchange your unwanted items. In addition, is a secure website, verified by Geotrust, and if you aren’t comfortable with using your credit card online, the website does accept Paypal as a form of payment. is one of the trendiest clothing websites on the internet to date, with high-fashion clothing designs close to those found on sites dedicated to juniors and misses sizes. Specialized in plus sizes 10-32, has fashionable styles designed for women ages 25-45. At Kiyonna, the motto is, “We sell a feeling, not a product”, and they make sure their customers have a wide selection to choose from. One can get anything from a great dress to a wonderful pair of plus size jeans, and even the ever-popular Spanx undergarments, and customers can read product reviews from other consumers. Like Igigi, also ships internationally, and they accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. If you are not satisfied with the product, you have up to 30 days to return or exchange the merchandise. is also a secure website, verified by Geotrust. 

Having as much variety as possible in where you can shop for your clothes is the best way to find what you’re looking for. Try these websites out; I have been very pleased with what I’ve gotten. However, if you want more choices, simply google “plus size fashion”. Happy shopping! 

Free Online English Course: A Comprehensive Approach

While childhood is universally regarded as the best phase of life, it is also true that the seeds of the future are sown at that young age itself through the decisions you take and the path that you choose to walk on.

It is at that stage of life when the mind is at its most vulnerable stage and is unable to decide between right and wrong and are easily taken in by external influence be it parents or teachers and even peers.

It is true that education is the basic necessity that every human being must have, atleast the basics if not the most advanced as that will help him/her to read and write and understand everything with an open mind.

The English language is considered the most important of all and today, it has become a criteria for deciding the worthiness of an individual. Yes, the more fluent you are in English, the higher your chances are of getting an excellent post in a reputed organization.

For first timers, who are not very conversant in the language and barely speak it may find it a lot more difficult than others but once you get the gist of it with regular practice sessions of oral and written texts, you will become an expert within a short span of time.

Comprehensive English speaking courses online are most preferred because they are basically stepping stones in your quest for getting a nice and well paid job that will help you to provide your family and fulfill their needs and desires.

There is an excellent English course in Thailand called learn English sukhumvit (เรียนภาษาอังกฤษ สุขุมวิท as any Thai know and understand) that has had a 100% success rate and it is there that the maximum number of English speakers go from non-english speaking countries to learn it.

What are the best kitchen gadgets that will provide delicious food?

As a newlywed wife, I really enjoy being in the kitchen and cooking our first meals as a new family. I have always cooked the old fashioned way, by chopping vegetables myself, and mixing things by hand. Growing up in consumer America, I have grown used to buying store bought, prepackaged foods to make meals with. After marrying my husband, he has introduced me to some healthier, easier, and more fun ways of cooking! Cooking together is one of the ways that we love to spend time with each other, because we are both good at it and enjoy doing it. These five kitchen gadgets have made our lives so much easier.

Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet costs $50 and comes with four party mugs, a couple of storage containers, some storage and shaker tops, two different kinds of blades, and the power base. All you do is put your ingredients in, twist the blade onto the top of the cup, and place it onto the power base. No buttons to push–you just push down and twist, and in ten seconds or less you are finished! Yesterday I made a raspberry orange smoothie with it, and later on that day I made a tomato guacamole. The kit comes with a recipe book, but you can experiment with all kinds of different things. For example, you could throw in some tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, onion, sausage, and voila! You have homemade pasta sauce. I love this blender system and my husband and I have been having a blast trying things out with it. The party mugs are great for frozen drinks, because you blend them right in the cup! We purchased ours at Wal-Mart, but you can order online using the link above, and they will actually send you a weight-loss powder to put in your shakes.

Brew ‘n Go Coffee Maker

This little Black and Decker coffee maker is wonderful! With only two people in the house, it’s perfect for making just one or two cups of coffee at a time. You just put in your filter, water, and the desired amount of coffee, and place your coffee mug right underneath. No coffee pot to clean or extra coffee that ends up burnt. We use a larger coffee mug in order to make two cups of coffee at once. Any more than that will cause overflow. This is not ideal for a larger family that drinks a lot of coffee, but it is perfect for us. Click this link to buy at Target for $20. The reason we like this coffee maker better than the expensive Keurig K-Cup coffee maker is that with the Brew ‘n Go, you can control how much coffee you put in. The K-Cups, for us, are too weak. We can make our single cups of coffee as strong as we like!

Blendtec Kitchen Mill

My husband and I are making an effort to eat more healthy, whole foods. One of the ways we are doing this is my milling our own flour. Store bought bread, even the whole wheat kind, has ingredients we cannot even pronounce, let alone know what they are! Even buying whole wheat flour ends up being more expensive than milling our own. It is so easy, too. We buy wheat grains in bulk, and just pour them into the small machine, press start, and out comes homemade flour into a small bucket, ready to be made into bread. Whole grains are so beneficial for your body, as well. They are a great source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and less harsh on your body due to the lack of additives. You can find the Blendtec Kitchen Mill here, and it can be purchased on Amazon for $180, which leads me to the next useful kitchen gadget.

Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme BB-CEC20

This bread maker is amazing. My husband makes amazing loaves of bread with this machine. He used our homemade wheat flour to make a loaf of wheat bread, and it was the best loaf of bread I have ever tasted! The bread maker is so easy to use. All you to is put in your ingredients, push the buttons to get the right setting, and wait about three hours, and you have bread! The best part about this machine is that in addition to bread, we can make cake, jam, and meatloaf, as well as many variations on bread including cheese bread, onion bread, zucchini bread, banana bread…the choices are endless. We have not even tried have of the things we could make with it yet, but we are excited to try! See the bread maker here. The bread maker costs about $220, and it is a great investment. You will eat much healthier bread for much less money than buying store bought.

Rachel Ray 10-Piece Ceramic Cookware Set

We just love this set. We got it from my husband’s siblings as a wedding gift, and I had picked it out on Target’s website because they have it in blue, which is my husband’s favorite color (seeing as he is a Michigan fan). The set can be found here at Target for $160, and includes two saucepans, a stockpot, a saute pan, and two skillets (I know, that’s only six pieces, but the brand includes the lids as pieces–only downside to the product). We have found that it’s all we need to cook in our kitchen. They are made of ceramic, with aluminum and enamel coating on the inside. They are hand-wash only, which is what we prefer. We have found that the dish washer only ruins nice pots and pans. We also love that they have silicone handles, so no need for a potholder.

Along with these gadgets, the best pressure cooker can be used. The food prepared in the recipe will be delicious and tasty.  I hope that my opinions on these products have helped you get some ideas about creative ways you can use your kitchen. I would love to hear some feedback from other people who have also used these products.

Lord of the Rings Online Leveling ‘” 11 Tips to Make Leveling Much Easier

Lord of the Rings Online leveling is one of the big concerns for many new players and even those who have been around for a while but have decided to start a new character. In most MMO type games the world does not actually open up until you have achieved maximum level and Lord of the Rings Online and situs judi online bola. is no different.

If you want to level as quickly as possible there are a few common sense things that you need to keep in mind on your journey.

1.) Use Destiny Points

When you are questing and the quest involves killing large numbers of creatures spend Destiny Points to purchase rested experience. This alone will make your Lord of the Rings Online leveling experience much quicker. Unfortunately free to play players do not have access to Destiny Points so they should use the rest of the tips in this article to hasten leveling.

2.) Working Signature Mobs or Item Quests

Many of the quests in Lord of the Rings Online involve killing a signature mob or grabbing items for a quest. Many of those quests also involve killing a number of creatures as well. When you encounter one of these quests you should kill the signature mob or get the quest item then concentrate on killing the creatures that you need to complete the quest.

3.) Lock Inventory

While this tip is not specifically targeted at Lord of the Rings Online leveling, it is a great help. Lock items that sell well at the auction house when they are in your inventory so you do not accidentally sell them. When your bags are full of hides, wood, metals or reputation items head off to the auction house to sell them. This will ensure that you have the cash needed to purchase your mount when the time comes.

Free to play players must purchase the ability to place items on the auction house and this is a good investment early. Even with the 2 gold limit it will allow you to have or get cash when you need it.

4.) Working the Auction House

Selling on the auction house is more of an art than a science and when selling items at auction make sure that you place items in full stacks or a stack of 10. Most players prefer to buy in even numbered lots. I do not know why this is but it has been my experience since beta.

5.) Crafted Foods

Many players underestimate the value of crafted foods. Foods give you the boost in stats or regeneration of power or morale that just might make the difference when you are in a tough situation and survival is in doubt.

6.) Full Bags

It is inevitable that your bags will fill up when you are out knocking out quests but you can save large amounts of time by destroying low value items instead of heading to town to sell. Lord of the Rings Online leveling is basically a time to action ratio and the more time that you spend in the field will maximize that ratio.

7.) Get a Mount

With the advent of free to play the level required for riding a mount has been drastically reduced. Owing a mount can increase your level speed tremendously so save every copper that you can and purchase your mount as quickly as possible.

Free to play gave us the ability to get a permanent mount at level 5 by purchasing riding from the LotRO store and a mount for 500 silver coins. While you may not have the money by level 5 you can easily earn it by level 10 or so.

Even though VIP players have a quest for a mount at level 20 they can still purchase the riding ability and a mount at level 5.

8.) Repair

Repair your weapons and equipment only when they are nearly broken. The reasoning behind this is two fold. First, repairing can take time away from your leveling efforts. Second, you will be leveling so fast that you will most likely replace the item before it is useless.

9.) Escort Quests

Your Lord of the Rings Online leveling effort is going to lead you into many escort style quests and you can make it much easier on your self by allowing the NPC that you are escorting to take the initial agro from any mobs that appear. If you grab the agro first not only will you face the brunt of the assault, the NPC may actually keep on walking and get into more trouble before you can save them.

10.) Book and Epic Quests

Make sure that you complete all book and epic quests. These quests give massive amounts of experience, which will boost your leveling effort, and the items that you get as a reward can be very nice indeed.

11.) Traveling and Time Management

Traveling long distances is best done on an NPC horse. While you are traveling use your time wisely to consult maps, sort your inventory, or something equally productive.

Lord of the Rings Online Leveling is really easy if you keep these 11 tips in mind. In no time you will find your self sneaking up on level 65. Fair travels in the world of Lord of the Rings Online to you and never stop enjoying the game.

Poker Tips: When You Should Go All-in

Going ‘All-In’ is one of the most widely known plays in No Limit Texas Hold Em and is one that is often misused. There are plenty of times when going all-in or calling an all-in is an excellent move, but there are also plenty of times when it is a poor use of your chips. Going All-in does require great poker skills and guts as you can easily lose your game along with all your winnings. Which is why it is recommended that you practice all your skills and tricks on apps like pussy888 apk to develop those skills and win the game every time you play.

There are a few scenarios in which you may be faced with deciding whether to go all-in:

Pre-Flop: Going all-in pre-flop is only useful in late-position as a way of stealing blinds or if you are short stacked and have a good hand that could potentially double you up if anyone calls. Many people abuse the all-in move pushing chip stacks and forcing everyone to fold which yields little payoff and will eventually lead to another person catching a great hand and eliminating the aggressive all in pusher. Generally a re-raise about 3x the big blind is enough to push mediocre starting hands to fold, leaving less players to catch. (ie the big blind is holding 7 4 off suit and everyone checks while you hold AA) Flop comes 7 7 4; you raise with your AA only to watch the other player push all-in and most of your outs vanish.

On the Flop: Generally if you flop what you feel is a top hand you should check if you are in early position. Going all in now could scare off some players. (remember your goal is to extract as many chips as possible). If you hold the nuts or what is most likely a top hand and someone raises, call as you may be able to extract more chips by slow playing your hand. Of course be aware of the Turn and River and if you fear the person is drawing, going all in can give you the pot and keep the other players from catching.

The Turn: On this 4th card many players are seeing what their hand is becoming; if you see 2 or more suited cards on the table and no one raises you can sometimes use an all-in move to steal the pot as you represent the flush. Be careful though if someone does this to you, unless the player is a known bluffer they may have the flush. Again unless you are worried of someone drawing and catching on the River, a raise or re-raise is good enough to take down most pots here.

The River: Checking here can be an open invitation to attack your chip stack. If you have a monster hand this is the only time to check. A small bet can also lure another player to call and can net you a few extra chips if you win the showdown. Again late position re-raising can be useful by pushing all-in if no one bets.

But what if you aren’t looking to go all-in but another player pushes all in?

Whether or not this will push you all in or just shorten your stack are important things to consider. Pot odds are another thing to consider when another player is pushing all-in. Look at how many chips you’ve invested in the pot, where the hand is at (ie pre flop, flop, turn, river). If a small stack pushes all in and you hold even a moderate hand it may be worth your chips to call them as long as their small stack represents less then 25% of your overall stack. Again if you hold the nuts you can afford to call bigger all in stacks. Also if a larger stack pushes all in and this will put you all in as well, look at what you are holding, the possibilities out there and the pot odds. I can’t stress pot odds enough in this situation. If a stack with only 1k in chips pushes all in and your stack is say 20k in chips, call them every time pre-flop. If you lose you’ve lost a small 5% of your stack, if you win you’ve won an extra 1K. Plus if you already have chips in the pot and the pot is large it may be worth it to take a gamble in this case.

Also people often ask what are the best hands pre-flop. Really its hard to say because even a horrible starting hand (ie- 7 4 offsuit) can turn into the winning hand. But realistically there are a few hands that are considered great starting hands and people pushing all-in pre-flop generally hold one of these. They are, AK suited, AK off suit, AA, and KK. Also many pocket pairs justify a raise as they can easily turn into a set or a full house. QQ and 1010 are very popular with people to push all in with pre flop. Hands that are connected are usually only good if they are also suited (being higher cards doesn’t hurt either). Some examples include J10 suited, KQ suited, and so forth.

If you are small stack, esp. in a tournament you may push all in on weaker hands with the hopes of doubling up or just being forced all in by rising blinds. When your playing with a good size stack folding hands like Q7 off suit is something you should always do, but when your short stacked this hand may be your last chance at building your stack up before losing your chips to a blind.

Keep in mind that going ‘all-in’ can often mean the end of a tournament for you, calling ‘all-in’s’ that will take a huge chunk of your stack should only be called with good hands, and realize that hands like AA and AK don’t always hold up once the cards start dropping.


Jetcan Mining in Eve Online

This guide will cover the art of Jetcan mining in the MMORPG Eve Online. An essential tool for any industrialist miner, whether new or with years of experience, Jetcan mining in Eve Online is the most effective way of striping asteroid fields from their minerals while cutting down on traveling time. The term Jetcan mining is short for Jettisoned Container Mining, otherwise known as using the special container your ship launches whenever you choose to jettison an unwanted item in inventory to store harvested asteroids for later transfer to a station. A simple game same as this one are multiple Pkv games.

The most important thing to know about Jetcan mining is their capacity and lifespan. Jettisoned containers have the largest capacity of any player deployable space based containers in Eve Online sitting at a nice 27,500 m3 of space. While this capacity is extraordinary considering they cost nothing to deploy, and are essentially limitless in that a new one can be deployed every 2 minutes. Those utilizing Jettisoned Containers to store their valuable hauls should take note to move their cargo to a fresh container every hour or so, as they have a lifespan that lasts between 74 minutes and 2 hours. A good tip would be to name your Jetcan Mining container with the time it was launched at, to be able to keep track of which ones are about to expire.

Jetcan mining in Eve Online does have its drawbacks, first off being any player is capable of stealing from the unsecured container. Ore theft isn’t as widespread an issue in high sec, although it can happen from time to time no matter where you have chosen to mine your minerals. Anybody stealing from one of your Jetcan mining containers however will be flagged for 15 minutes allowing you to pummel them for their insolence without intervention from CONCORD, if your mining vessel has significant offensive capabilities, or allowing you to go fetch a war vessel to hunt the thief with. The second drawback is the somewhat short lifespan mentioned earlier, but this is easily remedied by paying attention to the time each can was created, and just making a new can for any ore that’s about to expire. If a can expires in Eve Online, all ore inside is lost forever.

One key part to making the most out of Jetcan mining is how you go about hauling the minerals back to station for refining. You will want to have an Industrial ship docked in a station preferably inside the system if you plan on Jetcan mining totally solo. Make sure you have all your ore in fresh cans before beginning to haul it all back, as you don’t want your cans expiring during your jumps. To make things more streamlined and effective, either use a second account with a hauler, or elicit help from another Eve Online player in return for a share of the profits. Doing this in a group of players can make your hauls all the more effective, with players to mine, haul, and provide much needed defense from NPC and player rats alike.

Gamefly Versus Gameznflix

Each day, I see at least one advertisement online regarding DVD rentals. There are numerous companies that advertisement DVD rentals online. These companies include Blockbuster, Netflix, and others. One day, I saw an advertisement for Netflix and the price was relatively low for DVD rentals, so, I clicked on the ad and began researching. This eventually led to researching other companies that offer the same type of deal. You can read a detailed review of Gamefly Versus Gameznflix at Agen Bola Euro 2020.

As I continued in my search for various online DVD rental companies, I started running into websites that promote the fact that they offer both DVD and game rentals online. I did not realize that one could rent video games in the same manner, as DVD’s online. With this, I began to research the online rental opportunities for games.

One of the first companies that I discovered that offers unlimited video game rentals each month was a company called Gamefly. As I researched the offers that Gamefly had, I quickly gained interest. Of course, they do not offer movie rentals, but they had a wide assortment of game rentals to make up for it. Gamefly offers online video game rentals for numerous gaming platforms and seemed to have high ratings among customers in the search engines.

Gamefly advertises that there are never any shipping costs and there are no late fees. I was very surprised at this, but it drew me in a little closer. As I walked through the Gamefly website, I saw that they were offering a free trial. Now, I do not know about you, but I enjoy all in life that is free, so, I decided to try up for it. The free trial that was being advertised at the time was for a period of ten days. This offer allowed one to rent up to two games at one time. Well, I had been wanting to play around with the Monster Rancher EVO game and Mortal Kombat: Armageddon game, so, I opted for these two.

Within three days of signing up for the free trial with Gamefly, I received my selections. I was very pleased with the prompt delivery. I will admit, however, I was not that impressed with the actual games. They were both a little disappointing in my opinion, but that is a completely new article. I went ahead, mailed the games back to Gamefly, went on the website, and selected a couple of more. Once they received the first two, they immediately mailed out my third and fourth selection.

Overall, I was pleased with Gamefly. As my free trial neared the end, I began researching other sites that may offer the same kind of deal at a lower price. Gamefly had a total cost of $21.95 per month with two rentals out at a time. That is when I discovered Gameznflix. Gameznflix had an unlimited monthly rental system where you could have up to three games or movie, or a combination out at the same time for a low monthly fee of only $16.99.

Seeing that I originally was on the prowl for sites that offered DVD rentals, I found this to be very interesting. I could rent a combination of movies and games for nearly $5.00 less than I could rent two games at a time each month with Gamefly. Not only that, Gameznflix also had a free trial as well. At this point, I was sold. I cancelled my membership with Gamefly and signed up for the free trial with Gameznflix that was two weeks long. This was the start of a big mistake.

As I completed my registration with Gameznflix, I choose my three selections. During the trial period, you are very limited on what you can choose. Gamefly did not impose these types of restrictions. This was the first thing that really started making me think that I was signing up with the wrong company. Additionally, even with the games and movies that were not available during the trial period, Gameznflix had a very limited selection overall.

Some of the new releases in video games and movies were not even listed as a selection that was going to be available in the future. They seemed to carry more old titles than new ones. After about a week of waiting, I received some of my selections. I then immediately mailed one of them back and did not receive another selection until after my trial period ended. After four months of waiting on my number one selection, I still have yet to see it even though it has said “available” during my entire membership.

When I emailed them with this concern, they agreed that it had been my number one selection since the beginning of my membership, but stated that it has not been available to send. To this day, it still says “available”, but I have yet to receive it. Before I pay for next month’s membership, I am definitely opting out of Gameznflix and returning to Gamefly.

Yes, Gamefly is nearly $5.00 more than Gameznflix, and they do not offer movie rentals, but they know how to keep their customers satisfied. They understand that the customer is important and they are very efficient and detailed in their transactions. Gameznflix, however, seems to be behind on website updates, dealing with their customers on a personal level, and business in general.